Affiliate Program


  • How much does the GetNZB Affiliate Program cost?
    GetNZB Affiliate Program is totally free of charge. You can only earn money without paying for anything.

  • How much can I earn?
    You will get 50% commission from initial sales and also 50% from every future rebill. You will also get 5% from all sales of your referral affiliates. Payouts will be done by your chosen payout method in periodically cycle depending of your wished payout method.

  • How general affiliate link looks like?
    The affiliate link looks like:

    ?cmp=XXXXX is the main tracking parameter that will be used by our tracking system to save your customers under your affiliate ID.

  • Can I send users to any page of GetNZB site?
    Yes, you can send your customers to any page of the GetNZB site. You can also send them to needed language version of the site. For example, if you wish to send a user to the download page in German version, the link will be:

    It means that you only need to add ?cmp=XXXXX to the URL of the page you wish to send to.

  • Where do I get my advertising links?
    To get your links with tracking parameter you have to register (link to registration) first in our Affiliate Program. After you will get all required links as also additional advertising instruments (transit pages etc.) under "Promotion Tools".

  • Can I use multiple banners and links on my pages?
    Yes, you can use as many banners and links you want.

  • Am I allowed to advertise another sponsors on my site?
    Yes, you are free to advertise sponsors you want.

  • Will every profit that my link generates result in commission?
    We do not limit cookies lifetime. Our tracking system saves every customers under affiliate ID. It means for you that you will get your commission independent from time of purchase. For example if you send a potential customer and he desides to pay only in 3 or 4 or 5 months you will get your profit.

  • If you have any further questions concerning GetNZB Affiliate Program do not hesitate to contact us under: affiliate(a)
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